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Flash Sale July 2022 Welcome to Difco Delivery SNIPS Baked Potatoes SNIPS Granolies SNIPS Rings Poppins Daily Bran SNIPS Popcorn Poppins Marshmallows Poppins Kids Range

Poppins® Popular Products

Poppins® Choco Bits 375g + 33%

52,000 L.L.

Granolies® Strawberry Cheesecake

11,200 L.L.79,200 L.L.

SNIPS® Popular Products

Popcorn – Cheese

3,200 L.L.12,800 L.L.

Potato Sticks – Nacho Cheese

3,200 L.L.16,800 L.L.

Bread Chips – Salt & Vinegar

6,000 L.L.12,000 L.L.